Ideal for balancing digestion & de-toxifying the body-MIND

This deep and highly transformative retreat is designed for two people who wish to cleanse their body-minds whilst re-setting their digestion gently and enjoyably in a sublime rainforest setting.

You are totally supported with all food and treatments supplied.


This is the wet season, a great climate for detoxification, and plentiful accomodation options. Retreat lengths range between 5 and 13 nights. Longer retreats can include some Pancha Karma therapies like virechana and basti … 

Ayurvedic wisdom provides the most effective and individualised approach to cleansing our bodies and resetting our digestive energy, without depletion or starving!

According to Ayurveda, unbalanced or weak digestion is the source of all disease as it creates harmful by-products and toxins called “ama”. Ama is gently coaxed from your system during your cleanse with individualised understanding from your Certified  Ayurvedic practitioner, Issani. Longer retreats will confer deeper cleansing and renewal.

According to Ayurveda, cleansing is best addressed by having a light, easily digestible diet in a relaxed setting. Periods of gentle fasting can be woven though your retreat if you are suited to it.

Kitchari, a blend of split mung dhal and basmati rice, slowly cooked with a variety of vegetables and carefully selected digestive spices makes an easily assimilated nourishing meal that is the mainstay of your Ayurvedic Cleanse & Reset Retreat. Alternatives are available if you can’t tolerate legumes.  Servings of  fresh lightly cooked greens, fresh garnishes and digestive chutneys are offered. Enjoy light breakfasts of tropical fresh fruits. Mid meal fresh coconut water or organic green juices with freshly picked turmeric and ginger.  A delicious digestive salad or an Ayurvedic soup is served for dinner along with vegetable chapattis.

Digestive Ayurvedic herbs and herbal tea blends to assist your cleanse will be carefully selected by Issani to suit your body-mind.

The small amounts of ghee or coconut oil eaten daily will gently soften, tone and draw impurities into  digestive tract  where they are eliminated in the usual way, with some assistance from safe Ayurvedic herbs.

Yoga and Pranayama techniques to enliven your digestive “fire” are practiced daily.

The mind and emotions are cleansed through especially chosen, Relaxation, and Meditation practices.

Your daily retreat schedule leaves time to explore the magical Daintree Rainforest and beaches. Mild, not robust exercise is encouraged during your cleanse.


Balance your digestive “fire” by eating just enough to be satisfied, so the energy of digestion is not overtaxed. This allows extra energy to get busy cleansing and rebuilding your tissues, de-toxifying whilst  creating cellular renewal.

You won’t be hungry! However, you will only eat when you are hungry.

Whether you are over or underweight, toning and enlivening your digestion can only benefit your ability to extract nutrition from your food and harmonise your metabolism.

This retreat will infuse you with Ayurvedic understanding to take forward into your future.

Once your dates are booked, you will receive individualised Ayurvedic guidance on simplifying your diet before your cleanse along with personalised guidance for post retreat diet and lifestyle is also included.

Contact Issani to arrange dates for your Ayurvedic Cleanse Retreat!

Retreat Details


There are plenty of gorgeous nearby rentals online for a range of budgets.

Be sure to book in stunning Cow Bay or beautiful Diwan to be close to the Day Spa.

Be sure to book your retreat accommodation early, especially during peak season between June and October when bookings increase dramatically!

Contact Issani for a list of lovely accommodation options nearby.

Minimum: 5 nights/4 days

Maximum: 13 nights/12 days – longer retreats will confer deeper cleansing and transformation. 

To include Pancha Karma treatments, you will need to book a minimum of 8 nights.

INVESTMENT per person. Retreats are 2 person only

5 nights        $1940              

6 nights        $2400   

7 nights        $2820

8 nights        $3260

9 nights        $3660

10 nights      $4060

11 nights       $4460

12 nights      $4860

13 nights      $5220


Retreat dates: Times are available during January, February and March, and can be scheduled in consultation with Issani. Bookings at least one month in advance please.



Meet and greet at ISSANI Day Spa. 

Ayurvedic consultations to determine your Ayurvedic types and any imbalances.

Together we can fine tune the retreat to your individual dietary tastes & needs.


Dinner at Issani Day Spa 

Before you leave for your accommodation,  Issani will guide you through a Yoga Nidra, Deep Relaxation Session.

Wake up around dawn. Drink warm water | shower


Yoga together at Issani Day Spa


Client 1

Ayurvedic Massage & Herbal Steam De-tox Treatment at Issani Day Spa.   

Client 2



Breakfast at Issani Day Spa

Fresh Tropical Fruit or

Poached fruit with spices or

Kanji rice soup with digestive spices or 

Coconut rice porridge 

coconut water only if preferred

Herbal teas available throughout the day.


Lunch at Issani Day Spa – main meal

According to Ayurveda, our digestive fire is most active when the sun is high, and weakens as the sun goes down.


Deep Relaxation – Yoga Nidra & Issani Myofascial Relaxation at Issani Day Spa – 60 minutes

Fresh Coconut Water or

Green Smoothie or

Tropical fruit smoothie


Client 2 

Ayurvedic Massage & Herbal Steam De-tox Treatment at Issani Day Spa. 

Client 1



Dinner at Issani Day Spa

Guidance on cleansing Ayurvedic herbs to take before retiring.


People who are very weak, unwell, unstable or extremely fatigued. If this sounds like you, an Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Retreat is ideal and can be adapted to your particular health conditions.

Please note: If you are female and menstruating, please try to schedule your retreat when you are not bleeding heavily. Otherwise, Swedhana treatment and vigorous massage will be avoided on heavy days.


Issani is fully insured as a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Remedial Massage Therapist. You are advised to arrange your own travel insurance.

Contact Issani and to arrange your Daintree Rejuvenation Retreat!

TERMS OF BOOKING: 50% deposit is required at time of booking with the remainder payable 14 days before the retreat start date. 100% refund is offered if retreat is cancelled 14 days before scheduled retreat start date with an option to transfer funds towards a future retreat.