Ideal for detoxification, rebalancing digestion and weight loss

This deep, yet transformative retreat is designed for two people who wish to cleanse gently and enjoyably in a sublime rainforest setting. All worries can melt away as you are totally supported with all food and treatments supplied…

Ayurvedic wisdom provides the most effective and individualised approach to cleansing, without depletion or starving!

You will enjoy a personalised, easily digested, tonifying and de-toxifying diet designed to cleanse and tone your whole digestive tract. Gentle internal oleation with ghee or coconut oil gently draws impurities into the digestive tract where they are eliminated in the usual way, with some assistance from safe Ayurvedic herbs.

The mind and emotions are cleansed through especially chosen, relevant daily yoga and meditation practices.

Your daily retreat schedule leaves time to explore the magical Daintree Rainforest and beaches. Exercise is encouraged during your cleanse.


You won’t be hungry, but you will only eat when hungry. Whether you are over or underweight, toning and enlivening your digestion can only benefit your ability to extract nutrition from your food and harmonise your metabolism.

Once your dates are booked, you will receive guidance on simplifying your diet for the week prior to your cleanse. Guidance on post cleanse diet is also given.

Contact Issani to arrange dates for your Ayurvedic Cleanse retreat.

Retreat Details


There are plenty of gorgeous nearby rentals online for a range of budgets.

Be sure to book in stunning Cow Bay or beautiful Diwan to be close to the Day Spa.

Be sure to book your retreat accommodation early, especially during peak season between June and October when bookings increase.

Contact Issani for a no obligation list of accommodation recommendations.

Minimum: 4 nights

Maximum: 12 nights – longer retreats will confer deeper cleansing and transformation.

INVESTMENT per person

4 nights        $1460

5 nights        $1940              

6 nights        $2400   

7 nights        $2820

8 nights        $3260

9 nights        $3660

10 nights      $4060

11 nights       $4460

12 nights      $4860


Contact Issani to schedule your Daintree Ayurvedic Cleanse Retreat.



Meet and greet at ISSANI Day Spa. 

Ayurvedic consultations to determine your Ayurvedic types and any imbalances.

6 – 6:30


6:30 – 7

Dinner delivered to your accomodation

Wake up around dawn. Drink warm water | walk, exercise | shower


8am – 8:30

Digestive Yoga, Breakfast delivered 

10am – 12



Lunch delivered

1:30 – 2:15pm

Asana & Yoga Nidra

2:30 – 4:30

Client 1 treatment

4:30 – 6:30

Client 2 Treatment

While other client has their treatment…please feel free to relax on the verandah or deck at ISSANI Day Spa. Take a swim in the permanent creek and waterhole, practice yoga and meditation. Alternatively you may like to spend time at your accommodation or go sight seeing.

Free time, light dinner


People who are weak, ill, unstable or fatigued. If this sounds like you, a Rejuvenation Retreat is ideal.

If you become unwell just prior to your retreat, we can re-schedule.

If you are female and menstruating, please try to schedule your retreat when you are not bleeding heavily. If you have no time to reschedule, Swedhana treatment and vigorous massage will be avoided on heavy days.


Issani is fully insured as a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Remedial Massage Therapist. You are advised to arrange your own travel insurance.

Contact Issani and to arrange your Daintree Rejuvenation Retreat.

TERMS OF BOOKING: 50% deposit is required at time of booking with the remainder payable 14 days before the retreat start date. 100% refund is offered if cancelled 14 days before scheduled retreat with an option to transfer funds towards a future retreat.