Ayurvedic RElationship Consultation


Ayurvedic Daintree Consultations

For couples of all kinds …

and for those who may like to explore the dynamics in your relationship with a friend or child from an Ayurvedic perspective.

If you are interested in deepening your understanding of your close relationships, why not book an Ayurvedic Relationship Consultation with Issani.

Prior to any Ayurvedic Consultation it is highly recommended that you read the About Ayurveda page  to familiarise yourself with the basic principles of this great and ancient wisdom.

Your consultation together with Issani will comprise an analysis of both Ayurvedic Birth Profiles and the dynamics between your different unique blue-prints, where you are likely to harmonise with each other, and areas where things may not run so smoothly.

Ayurveda can confer understanding when we become aware of the innate and unique tendencies of differing psychological and emotional individual profiles and how we all get out of balance in differing ways when life gets rough and stressful. This understanding can help us better understand our own responses and those of others and perhaps make our relationships less prone to being reactive and more prone to acceptance of our diverse natures. 

It is preferable that both individuals attend the consultation. However, in the case of a friend, child or a troubling relationship with someone who isn’t currently with you, we can base our understanding on your description of the relationship and analysis of your own Ayurvedic type. In this case, to protect the confidentiality of the other person, only their first name will be used. 

90 minutes $185

You are encouraged to take notes as we discuss your relationship’s strengths and any potential pitfalls from an Ayurvedic perspective, along with ways to recognise and hopefully mitigate them through insight and understanding.