Ayurvedic Skin Care & Beauty

According to Ayurveda, applying natural oils and botanicals to our skin is an important part of our daily routine, benefiting our body as well as our mental and emotional states.

Issani’s hand-crafted Integrated Skincare products are so natural they are edible, as skin absorbs and digests whatever it contacts.

Cleansing & Nourishing Pastes, Herbal Serums and Face Moisturising Oil Infusions are available. Body Oil Infusions and cleansing pastes are also available.

All ISSANI Skincare products have only intrinsic preservatives. For example, the Moisturising Oil Infusion process creates natural preservatives from the heating of the oil and ingredients such as frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood….natural preservatives for the product and for your skin!!

No nasty chemicals or drying alcohols needed!

You make your own daily cleansing pastes by adding water or flower water – Issani’s Rose or Lavender Organic Hydrosols. They are so pure, they don’t require preservatives as they have a year-long shelf life.

You add the moisture component just before applying, activating the botanicals & powdered organic aloe vera gel to create a soft smooth cleansing paste that softly exfoliates daily.

This negates the need for harsh preservatives that are avoided by this easy process. By not expecting a wet product to last and not decay, there is no preservative issue!  

 Just call or drop me an email if you’re interested in finding out more or ordering some Issani Skincare. I can arrange delivery anywhere in Australia.

ISSANI Ayurvedic Skin Care

ISSANI Skincare is created by Issani, applying Ayurvedic  wisdom to her Skincare Range.

All serums, oils and hydrosols are packaged in frosted glass.

ISSANI Face & Body Skincare has products for cleansing and moisturising the body as well as the face and is designed to integrate easily into your daily routine. Easily assimilated botanicals and resins naturally preserve and nourish this incredible organ, your skin!

You can absorb the properties of your ISSANI Cleansing & Nourishing Paste every day via steam as you shower, giving the benefits of a gently exfoliating, nourishing facial every day at home and it won’t take time!


Find information about your Ayurvedic Skin Type below.

For details on the three doshas (Ayurvedic Body/mind types) visit our About Ayurveda page.

If you are a Vata type, your skin will have a tendency to dryness, flaking and premature wrinkling. The cold, dry windy weather will especially affect you. The Vata air and space elements also increase as we transition into old age. Increased Vata can be mitigated with the correct daily approach to skin care. The botanicals and oils in your ISSANI Skincare are especially selected to bring warmth, moisture, softness and suppleness to your skin and your whole being, reversing the cold, dry, light Vata tendencies.

Complete integrated Vata skin care system: Vata Cleansing & Nourishing Paste | Vata Hydrosol toner | Vata Herb Infused Face Oil | Vata Exfoliator | Vata Masque | Vata Body Oil | Vata Body Cleansing Paste

If you are a Pitta type, your skin will have a tendency to heat related conditions, redness, inflammation, heated acne, rosacea and sensitive. The fire element can also cause dryness via its heating quality. By cooling any heat, dryness will dissipate. The botanicals and oils in your  ISSANI Skincare are especially selected to bring calming. cooling and balancing elements to your skin  and your whole being, reversing the inflammatory, slightly oily Pitta qualities.

Complete integrated Pitta skin care system:  Pitta Cleansing & Nourishing Paste | Pitta toner | Pitta Herb Infused Face Oil | Pitta Exfoliator | Pitta Masque | Pitta Body Oil | Pitta Body Cleansing Paste

If you are a Kapha type, your skin will be cool, thick & moist with a tendency to oiliness & congestion. The earth element can have a blocking effect causing leading to congestion, white heads, black heads, and congested acne. Kapha skin responds well to exfoliation. As Kapha skin is naturally oily, your Kapha moisturising oil is particularly light and designed to balance excess oiliness. The botanicals and oils in your ISSANI Skincare are selected to  stimulate and open your skin, and enervate your whole being, reversing the blocking, static Kapha qualities.

Complete integrated Kapha skin care system: Kapha Cleansing & Nourishing Paste | Kapha toner | Kapha Herb Infused Face Oil | Kapha Exfoliator | Kapha Masque | Kapha Body Oil | Kapha Body Cleansing Paste

Get in touch with ISSANI to discuss your Ayurvedic skin care needs and order your beautifully hand-crafted ISSANI Integrated Skin Care products.