Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle adjustments that will suit your body/mind, and support you to integrate positive changes in your daily life.

An Ayurvedic consultation gives a complete and detailed analysis your unique constitution and compares it with your current health state. Every day our habits either support or inhibit the body’s constant, miraculous process of de-toxification, self-healing and renewal.

With Ayurvedic insight, wisdom and therapies, our ability to heal physically, mentally and spiritually is enhanced through simple, natural adjustments.

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Your inital consutlation

Chronic conditions can develop if we continue to repeat habits that are not suited to our Ayurvedic type, even so called “healthy” ones may not agree with us. This understanding can boost your health whilst avoiding health imbalances becoming entrenched and more difficult to address.

Pulse diagnosis, observation of the tongue, eyes, nails and body, and conversing with your practitioner will reveal any imbalances so appropriate diet and lifestyle advice can be given.

What to expect

Follow up consultations

After your initial Ayurvedic Consultation, follow up consultations are available to monitor your progress and facilitate any adjustments needed as the doshas re-balance.

As we are all unique, we will progress at different rates.

You may notice immediate improvement, and this will deepen and increase with time.

Practicing the art of Ayurveda will bring you closer to nature as you observe the changes and connections within and without you.


Ayurvedic Consultation

An ISSANI Ayurvedic Consultation is for people with a genuine interest in moving into balance with their essential Nature.

As a sister science to yoga, an Ayurvedic lifestyle will also enhance spiritual growth.

Click here for a more in depth description of Ayurveda.

Initial Consultation 75 mins  $120    |    30 / 45 minute  follow up consultations $70/90  


Supporting  therapies may be suggested, such as a course of abhyanga (ayurvedic remedial massage) abhyanga and swedhana (massage and steam de-tox treatment) shirodhara (third eye oil therapy to smooth the nervous system).


Sequential treatments are available at ISSANI Day Spa and are included in ISSANI Ayurveda retreats. If you are returning home, you may be  advised to research Ayurvedic  therapies in your area